Thursday, April 07, 2011

Panda Board availability in India by IDA Systems

I have seen many community members from India asking about the availability of Panda Board in India. For several months there was only one vender - Digi-Key (World-Wide) and so was not an easy job to buy Panda Board in India. Panda Board community used to point to a website page which only showed a link about Digi-Key & Special Computing. Because of the advent of IDA Systems, there would now be great relief for the Indian Panda Board community. In my opinion the community would now get good support from IDA Systems in India.
IDA Systems is pre-booking Panda Board at Rs 14500/- inclusive of CST and
shipping( fully Insured Via Blue Dart). Shipping will start in the First week of May. Stocks are limited and will be shipped on first come first served payment basis. To pre-book please send an email to

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Beagleboard XM price drop in India - Now Only Rs 9980

My personal experience with IDA Systems were good. Till now I brought Beagle board and Hawk Board from IDA Systems. I have never face any problem while interacting with IDA Systems. Even once my Beagleboard got problem, in 30 days they replace with new board.
Recently IDA Systems announce "Beagleboard XM price drop in India - Now Only Rs 9980" at Beagle Board mailing list.
"We at IDA Systems ( are pleased to announce a major drop in price of the Beagleboard XM in India. The existing price was Rs 12500 all Inclusive. The New Price is Rs 9980 inclusive of CST and insured shipping via Blue Dart to you address (all inclusive). This is a saving of Rs 2520 (approx USD 56)."

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