Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Minutes Of Meeting: PLUG Meeting of December

Even Announcement :

Minutes Of Meeting
1. Manas Alekar talked about Elementary level talk and demo on Makefiles.
2. GNUnify 2011: Continued discussion on Gnunify planning and execution.
We have tentative dates for  GNUnify 11 and 12 February 2011. Also we expect talk from Mozilla Foundation representative at GNUnify.
We had suggestions for various track from audience
WikiPedia Track: Aditya Godbole
We can conduct Contest, and ask for small  Entry Fee. Which can donate to Also we expect someone from WikiPedia Foundation for GNUnify.
Web Track: Harshad Gune
We can have various CMS based talk like Drupal by Dipen Chaudhary, HTML5, generic language.
SysAdmin/NetAdmin: Sudhanwa Jogalekar
There will be application specific talks like Firewall, Mail Server, Web Server, Proxy Server, File Server. Which will be advance form of Install Fest, where talk will cover more details about particular service.
System Programming: Amit Karpe
We will have talk on Linux Kernel, Linux Module programming, Embedded System. Also will have talk on MeeGo or Android Operating System from System Level perspective.
Open ARM Lab volunteers are interested to conduct hand on sessions on Beagle Board or Hawk Board.
Education/ Scientific Computing: Manjusha Joshi
PLUG volunteers are planing to create CD/DVD which will have C, C++ development tools, IDEs. Which will help to teachers or academics for acceptance of assignments/ projects on GNU/Linux System.
e.g. In training of MataLab or other such application specific training, complete training material and course-ware are usually design around that application.
PLUG volunteers are going to meet on 11 December for more testing first release of this CD. Samar from SICSR is taking initiative for this project. ( Basic CD deadline is 11 Dec )
Also next meeting on 18 December will be for develop & revising Course Ware.

Manas Alekar

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Unknown said...

Thank You, Amit for posting the MoM.
Definately; this keeps physically absent but, mentally present PLUG members like me; updated about the meetings.