Thursday, November 18, 2010

Open ARM Lab Session: Hands on with Toolchain for Friendly Arm Board

Updated Venue & Time:

The Open ARM Lab session for this week will be held on Saturday, 20th November 2010.
Agenda: Hands session on with Toolchain for Friendly Arm
Speaker: --
Date: 20 Nov 2010 - Saturday
Time: 11 PM to 5 PM
Agenda: Hands on with Toolchain for Friendly Arm
Venue: Embedded Design Center, 3rd Floor,
Department of Instrumentation & Control
College of Engineering, Pune.
Venue Map: Embedded Design Center, Instrumentation Department, COEP, Pune.
Venue Contact Person Suchakra : 9579317211

Agenda in Details:

1) Day long hands on session
 1. Host and Target OS blueprint.
 2. Install and configure toolchain for Friendly Arm on Host.
 3. Build Linux OS for target device.
 4. Develop a few apps for Friendly arm board.
 5. Document & publish the build process.
2) Talk:  "Development OTG - Accessing board shell through a browser : A Lateral Approach" ( Duration: 20 minutes approx. )
3) Open Discussion

Flyer for "Open ARM Lab Session"
( Thanks to Suchakra)

 Open ARM Lab Session                                                              

Old Meetings MOM:
16 October 2010 MOM of Open ARM LAB meeting
14 November 2010 MOM: Demo for "Friendly ARM" board and tool chain


    Spider said...

    This is an as good venue as any. Say you want to get started with embedded development on a smaller scale. ( maxing out at around a hundred units ) Where the heck do you find the hardware to go for that?

    It's a bit beyond the "prototype with fun routers and sheevaplugs" in terms of scale, but not quite enough to go with a larger scale production. So, how do you turn hardware into reality?

    Amit Karpe said...

    We are working on Beagle Board for semi production level product. Once we get success, I will update on this blog as well I will inform you.