Monday, November 15, 2010

MOM: Demo for "Friendly ARM" board and tool chain

Event Announcement Details:

1. We had 12 attendees for the talk.
2. Chaitannya demonstrated running friendly ARM board and introduce its various part.
How Linux works on Friendly ARM ?
3. He demonstrate how to program pwm (beep) Pulse Width Modulation , adc (Analog Digital Converter), lcd, gpio ?
4. Practical demo of how to develop program on host, compile then using tool chain ( cross compiling ) and then copy them using ftp or telnet ?
5. He introduces concept of tool chain and showed process to build tool chain. ( He is going to update complete documentation at Wiki at )
6. We also discuss rules for mailing list and next agenda for Open ARM Lab.

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Pampi said...

wow ... thats good bunch of activity ... i surely missed it ... looking fwd for the next meet.