Tuesday, October 19, 2010

MOM of Open ARM LAB meeting

After first meeting of Open ARM LAB, we have following points to share with all.

We discuss "what will be our main aim & objective ? "
Summary of this discussion :
We would be to contribute into open source. Where we can develop code, documentation, knowledgebase for community. For starting we will use Beagle Board as based platform.
Also in future we can arrange more seminar or workshop to spread awareness of Open Source & ARM. Need to discuss with PLUG or PuneTech for better coordination or considering this activity as SID of existing communities.

1. We have to created google group for communication.
2. We have to create web portal for sharing information & various updates. http://openarmlab.org/
3. We had share task to develop tool chain for ARM on various distribution.
We have allocated task & distribution Ubuntu, Fedora, etc.
4. For next meeting ( 23 October 2010 @  DSK Digital ) we will discuss or give talk on various topics.
Amol Verule - Introduction to ARM
Amit Karpe - Introduction to Beagle Board
Chaitannya Mahatme - Tool chain
Neependra Khare - Overview of Linux Kernel
Abhishek - Introduction to DSP

Next Meeting will be  23 October 2010 @  DSK Digital
Website is in progress http://openarmlab.org/


Anonymous said...

We would like to connect LCD with touch screen capability. Is that possible and has anyone tried it?

Unknown said...

sir i want to download the bin file into hawkboard. i am using fedora 11. can u pls give me some details of that.
pls reply me on
thanks in advance.
pls help