Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Teaching Computer Programming in Schools - a Novel Experiment

Author: Abhay Bindumadhav Joshi (, SPARK Institute, Pune

In this article, we will describe a new way of introducing computers to school children.
We will see how the 7th and 9th grade students of a well-known progressive school in
Pune responded to this new idea and turned it into a highly delightful experiment.
Children and Computers: Present Situation
Children have a natural fascination for computers. You can see them lapping up every
opportunity to play with PCs and gadgets like video-game consoles and cell phones. The
interaction of most children with computers consists of browsing the Internet, connecting
with friends using chat and email, playing games, or using ready-made (and sometimes
dull!) software like word processors. The best attempts in schools to introduce computers
to their students also, as we will see later, do not go beyond the literacy level.

The New Idea: Using Programming as a Medium for Learning:
Programming means tapping into the computer's immense power by talking with it
directly. Through programming, children use the computer's terrific power to draw
graphics, design animation, solve mathematical or word puzzles, and even build robots.
Such a close friendship with the computer unleashes the children’s intellectual ability and
creativity, and as a result helps create interest in subjects like Math and Physics.

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