Thursday, September 09, 2010

Mitticool: A refrigerator that runs without electricity

Mitticool: A refrigerator that runs without electricity

Former President APJ Abdul Kalam called him a 'true scientist'. Mitticool, a clay refrigerator that works without electricity had turned the world's attention to its creator Mansukhbhai Prajapati, a craftsman based in Gujarat .

Presenting the national award to Mansukhbhai in 2009, President Pratibha Patil appreciated his work and asked him for a Mitticool.

Scientists and journalists from across the world have visited his unit to see how he makes eco-friendly products at a low cost.

A school drop-out, he has achieved a feat that many in the world envy today.  The simple and unassuming Mansukhbhai is not keen on money. His ambition is to make more low-cost and eco-friendly products for the masses.

"A good majority of Indians cannot buy a fridge as it is expensive. Besides this, electricity bills and maintenance cost is also high. Mitticool is an eco-friendly product which has no maintenance costs. It also retains the original taste of vegetables, says Mansukhbhai who has sold 1500 units so far.

"I failed in the tenth standard. But I was not disappointed as I knew that I was capable of making something new," says Mansukhbhai who holds a patent for Mitticool.

People who considered him as incapable, now look up to him. They say, "you are the pride of our community!"

He has been popularizing earthen products since 1988. The only drawback for him is the lack of stores to sell them.

The products are mostly available in Gujarat and in some stores in Mumbai and Pune only. Besides, the low-cost fridge, he has developed a water filter, non-stick tava and a pressure cooker all made of clay. And he has many more innovative ideas.

It takes 10 people to make a fridge in one day. Made from clay, the refrigerator can store water, fruits, vegetables for 8 days and milk for one day.

The upper part of the refrigerator stores water, while the bottom unit has space for fruits, vegetables and milk.
At present, he sells the clay fridges at Rs 2,500, at his unit. Most of the sales outside Gujarat are done during exhibitions.

In Mumbai and Pune, some of his products are available. Every year he takes part at the international trade fair in New Delhi in a bid to popularize the products.

you wish to contact him dial: 02828 221156;OR 0-9825177249 (M).E-mail: info@mitticool. in




My view:- The best way to say goodbye to those heavy power guzzling refrigerators and lead the race to prevent global warming and save our planet.


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Florence Carole said...

I wonder how this Mitticool refrigerator works. I wish it will have a larger version and that it'll be introduced to the American market. It'll save us a lot of money since it won't use any electricity.

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Anonymous said...

It seems that it works on the physical principle that when water evaporates, it absorbs heat - through latent heat of evaporation. This principle is used in India and many other countries for thousands of years!

However, this reader is yet to find any study on how effective it is! To be called a refrigerator, it has to cool to around 5 degrees Celsius. Does this achieve that - or somewhat close to it?

Also, it may not work well or not at all if the humidity is high. Since there is no use of electricity, one cannot use a fan to aid water evaporation. High humidity will definitely affect this contraption.