Friday, August 20, 2010

Peepli Live Movie Review

On 15 August we ( me & my wife Swatee ) had watch movie called "Peepli Live". That movie ticket was given by Cybage Software on occasion of India's Independence Day. [ Swatee works at Cybage as Software Developer.] We had seen lots of adds on TV about this movie, so we were excited to watch this movie. And you all know Amir Khan Production is some thing which always attracts your attention. Personally I had lots of expectation from this movie. And movie director Anusha Rizvi did really well to I can give give 8/10 rating.
In simple words this movie is about Farmer Suicide, Indian Political and Media system. Where any Indian will think seriously"what is this happening ?" Movie start with a famer Natha (Omkar Das) and his brother Budhia ( Raghuvir Yadav ). Because of loan, these poor farmer almost lost their land. Someone told them that if farmer do suicide then his family will received 1 Lakh Rupees. After lots of thought process Natha decided to do suicide for his family & to save remaining land. Somehow one local paper reporter cover this as news in paper. Then whole drama starts :)
Director had really catch mood of village and farmer. Special attention she had given to language and clothing ( costume ) . Also she is able to demonstrate real dark side or Media and Politics. Specially how this TRP ( Target Rating Point ) affects this media competition and low down the quality of Reporter and news. How this competition is danger to nation interest ? How small vision they possess ? Just TRP which is nothing but money drives various topics, issues in media, specially in Electronic media. Which is serious concern for all. After this explosion of 24x7 news channel, all these electronic report are just after running issues, just highlight different issues. No one have long term commitment to resolve these issues. Just to make news/bytes, out of anything. They don't have another thought of what will happen because of this news. Director succeeded in painting real picture of Electronic Media. Same time we all have to great respect to people like Rakesh ( Nowaz ) who shown courage to ask question "Why we are doing this ?" "Will this solve the real problem ?" We all Indian have being witness of great contribution of journalist and independent writer who done real service. They had raise issues, and they really help to solve these issues. We need more and more such True Journalist who  understand what is mean by Journalism.
Music of this movie is awesome. Every song was perfect for situation. Lyrics and choreography gives perfect feeling folk music which touches your heart. Specially songs like Chola Mati Ke Ram and Mehngai Dayain are one of best songs. In this movie all sets, make is real and artistic. All actors had so done job. Specially I am impress by Natha. Raghuvir Yadav had also done great job. And how I can forget Amma ( Farrukh Jaffar ) and her bad words, they are just Awesome. We all just laughing, when she start abusing anyone. Full movie have artistic touch but great potential to do big commercial success.
Overall movie must see movie. 100% entertain and 200% eye opening. Perfect choice for 15 August. I expect more & more such Bollywood movie must succeed. So more director will courage do something original, social, different. I am very optimistic about Bollywood director :)
Rating: 8/10

Famous shot from Peepli Live Movie

Swatee Karpe at Gold Adlabs Multiplex for "Peepli Live" movie

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