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Introduction to Beagle Board in brief

From last 2-3 weeks many friends are asking me about beagle board. Many time they want to know about features, costing, vendor, support. So here is small blog to help every who want to know about beagle board as well as who want to purchase / buy.

Introduction to Beagle Board  in brief
1. Beagle Board is small, low cost, low powered ARM board. i.e. Mini Computer with ARM processor.
2. Beagle Board is useful to do various R&D in ARM based Embedded or Mobile hardware. You can do experiment to learn embedded or mobile operating system as well as hardware aspects.
3. Beagle Board is having ARM Cortex-A8 OMAP 3035 Processor 720MHz.
4. Beagle Board is having DSP TMS320C64x+ DSP for accelerated video and audio decoding.
5. On Beagle Board we can install Ubuntu, Angstrom, Android
6. Beagle Board is open hardware project, where hardware design details can be shared and improved by following open source philosophy.
7. For video output Beagle Board support S-Video & HDMI port.
8. Beagle Board have in built NAND as well as SD/MMC card slot.
9. Beagle Board have USB On-The-Go port, which can use to connect additional USB devices or USB HUB.
10. Beagle Board have two stereo 3.5mm jacks for audio in/out.
11. Beagle Board have an RS-232  serial connection, which can use for remote access.

Costing and Distributors

There two type board available in online stores. Ref:
Beagle Board Rev C4 - USD $149.00

Beagle Board xM - USD $179.00
Digi-Key BeagleBoard-xM product purchase page

For India I can recommend IDA Systems for Beagle Board's vendor or distributor.
Please find their email ids and website

For support
Beagle Board have very active community. So for support you can rely on this community.
You can join Beagle Board mailing list at
and for fast help/ support please join #beagle channel at
Also you can follow twitter & facebook for latest news, update of Beagle Board community.

Also you can contact me for free support. I am ready to support in my free time :)

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