Thursday, June 24, 2010

My blogging strategy

I had just redirect my blogspot blog from to . Also I had enabled Google analytics, Google adSense, new custom domain i.e. and Blue Color new template in Blogspot/Blogger account. Last many days I am testing various blogging/ Life streaming platforms from Posterous to, Amplify. I find twitter & buzz engaging & interactive where you have a number of people who follow you. I will used them continuously because I find lots of feedbacks, comments from my followers. Facebook is little more mixed crowd, where you can catch your classmates and where you can share your photos and casual social activities. BTW I almost stop using Orkut, where I had more that 500+ friends, 50+ communities and 2000+ scraps. I had my old blogs at Blogger and Wordpress, but I was not using them because login into site and then writing blog was little time consuming. As I was not aware that these blog sites supports publishing blog option through mail. I used "post mail for blog" for  first time in Posterous and from that day I had posted more 50 blogs.
And now I realized that having 2-3 blogs will help me to, separate my "Personal Live Streaming" and "SocioTechno Live Streaming" i.e. Technical as well as Community activity related Technology and my professional work. Lets hope you like or dislike my ideas, blogs, status. Please do share your opinion, suggestion, feedback. I will share with you more experiment with you :)

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