Friday, May 21, 2010

News of Mobile OS World

This is Mobile World :)

Motorola had acquired Azingo. So now Motorola is planning for new Linux based OS called Azingo Mobile 2.0 OS which is LiMo compliant OS. Azingo says "The Future of Mobile is Open" tm. Many developer in Azindo are from India.

Samsung had released Bada OS which based on Linux ( Core RTOS Kernel & SDK ).
Very recently Samsung had released  Bada SDK and Samsung Wave smartphone.

Six Japanese technology companies had announce Moilbe application platform which will easy use power of Linux, Android, Symbian. Which will have RISC-based SH-Mobile R Series system-on-chips.

After acquiring Palm, now HP will work on WebOS which is again Linux based Mobile OS. Which had introduce with Palm Pre smartphone. WebOS says "Social Networking at its best" tm. Which uses all Open Web technologies such as HTML 5, JavaScript, and CSS.

As we all know Intel and Nokia working for merging of Moblin and Maemo into MeeGo ( I love this name ). Which will brought these two giant together to fight this tight Mobile OS share. Which is utilizing most of Linux and various Open Source Projects Qt, Gtk, Cluter. It is its own independent distribution. Will work with ATOM or ARM processor.

And you all people know about Goolge's Android and Apple's iPhone OS :)
What I can say !!!! So you will find more and more Mobile OS with direct or indirect connection with  GNU/Linux and "Free and Open Source Software".

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