Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Hi all ,
This is my first blog I am writing .
Thanks to all blogger who inspire me start blogging .
These day I am too busy with company work and BLUG activity .
We have great future plans for BLUG . In month of November and December we have time to do real stuff . I am highly motivated by Niyam Bhushan . He was in Pune for GNU Jagruti event in VIT . He talk on “7 Steps to Software Samadhi” and “Gurellia Warefare” .
Today I use Source Navigator ( This is Source-Navigator, an IDE for C/C++/Fortran/Java/Tcl/PHP/Python and a host of other languages.) I
find ths is amezing stuff to use .
It is so easy but still powerful tool for every programmer . You must have to try it . I have spend a hour with this and now I fill so comfortable using it .
Today I spend some time reading labs.google.com and slashdot.org .
These are very informative websites .

Please give your comments .


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Vijay Barve said...

Mast!!! Happy Blogging. And make sure to read Blogging with responsibility