Saturday, June 29, 2013

Introduction to Cubie Board in brief

Cubie Board Logo
Cubie Board | Open ARM Mini-PC

1. Cubieboard is small, low cost, low powered ARM developer board. Cubieboard is very small in size ( around 10x6cm) and very low-cost ( around 50-65 USD). Cubieboard is created by Tang Liang(Tom Cubie) and his friends
2. Cubieboard is useful to do various R&D in ARM based Embedded or Mobile hardware. You can do experiment to learn embedded or mobile operating system as well as hardware aspects.
3. Cubieboard has ARM Cortex-A8 Allwinner A10 SoC(System on Chip) which having CPU of 1Ghz with Mali400 GPU and CedarX VPU. (Hardware is similar to Mele A1000G)
4. More about A10
CPU: Cortex-A8 1GHz (ARM v7) Processor which have both VFPv3 and NEON co-processors: It's a 400-pins. It has highest known cost to performance ratio.
FPU: Vector Floating Point Unit (standard ARM VFPv3 FPU Floating Point Unit)
SIMD: NEON (ARM's extended general-purpose SIMD vector processing extension engine)
GPU: Mali400, and Framebuffer
VPU: CedarX (Video Processor Unit for audio and video hardware decoding or encoding)
HDMI-transmitter: HDMI CEC (Consumer Electronics Control)
MALI400MP GPU  supports OpenGL ES 2.0 and upto 2160p Hardware-accelerated Video playback (4x the resolution of 1080p).
It has 1gb DDR3 (800mhz) RAM.
It has builtin 4GB nand storage which comes with Android 4.0.4 preinstalled.
A10 search for boot block on sdcard and it can be booted from usb as well with some key combinations. That is why it can not be bricked.
SATA-II 3gb/sec which supports small 2.5” sata hdd.
5. On Cubie Board we can install Ubuntu, Angstrom, Android, Fedora, many other  operating systems on sd card as well as on nand memory.
6. By using Berryboot uses can install following operating systems.
LTSP Thinclient
7. For video output Cubie Board support HDMI port. (VGA can work by adding expansion bread/base board)
8. Cubie Board have in built NAND as well as SD/MMC card slot.
9. Cubie Board have 2 usb ports. One of them is USB On-The-Go port, which can use to connect additional USB devices or USB HUB.
10. Cubie Board have two stereo 3.5mm jacks for audio in/out.
11. Cubie Board have an RS-232  serial pins, which can be used to get serial logs and login.
12. Cubieboard2 A20 SoC which contains dual-core 1GHz CortexA-7 cpu and dual-core mali-400MP2 gpu.

Costing and Distributors

Please refere for full list at main site:
You can buy cubieboard from the international shipping shops or the local shops in your country.
International shipping
H.-C. Electronic
Itead Studio
Seeed Studio
Watterott Electronic
China (Including Macau, Hong Kong and Taiwan):
淘宝 cubieluffy’s shop
淘宝 sz-ewell shop

As I have tested board from Miniand and AliExpress, I can recomend them. Which ship board and its accessories within working 3 days if you pay little extra (10-15 USD) by DHL or any other available service.

For support
Cubie Board have very active community. So for support you can rely on this community.
You can join Cubie Board mailing list at!forum/cubieboard
and for fast help/ support please join #cubieboard channel at
Also you can follow twitter & facebook for latest news, update of Cubie Board community.
irc channels
#cubieboard, #linux-sunxi on freenode
For more advance level support you mail to

Read more:
New Cubieboard 2 which is based on Allwinner A20: Cubie Board 2


Damanjit Singh said...

If We want to buy this board (I want cubieboard 2) in India from Minland, Do we need to pay custom duties or just Its price + Shipping cost?

Amit Karpe said...

No need to pay custom duties.

Anonymous said...

If I read it properly, cubieboard processor has highest cost to performance ratio. Can you pls. suggest any other development board which has processor having low cost to performance ratio. Since i will be buying one board only, it is better to enquire properly before using it.

Thanks in advance,
Arvind Gupta

Amit Karpe said...

Its depend on your usage and your long term plan. I can suggest either go with BeagleBone Black or Raspberry Pi.

Anonymous said...

OK.I checked beaglebone and raspberry pi. Both have 512 MB Ram. Anyways, can u pls tell me how to calculate cost to performance ratio. I will do that myself.


Amit Karpe said...

Can you please share with me What is your intended project ?

I will update you soon.

Anonymous said...

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Bootfetch said...

Kali - a pal of mine like palying around with this board, check this intro that he made for it:

it also has sample codes and youtube videos for ya

Bootfetch said...

Kali - a friend of mine also wrote an article introducing the cubie ( he also has you tube videos that you guys wanna check out