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Will Snapdeal’s Deals Affect Shopping At Indiatime

Will Snapdeal’s Deals Affect Shopping At Indiatimes?

Tastes differ and so do customers’ preferences when it comes to buying. Catering to the needs of all people is indeed a great task, as the stores need to have a wide range of products that address the varied fancies of the shopper. Online stores offer a great advantage to prospective buyers as they provide stunning product range. The ability to compare products and services offered by various online stores encourage people to seek these stores for their purchases. Every online store that hits the market tries to outshine others and gain a steady market for its products. Snapdeal is one such online store in India, which aims at producing a wide range of products to its customers. Let is see if its deals can affect Indiatimes chances in the market.

How Versatile Are Their Collections?

Snapdeal is selling products online since 2010. The wide range of products in Snapdeal includes apparels, books, cameras, computers, mobiles, footwear, jewellery, sports goods, automotive products and many more.

Indiatimes Shopping has been operating online from the year 2005. Belonging to Times group, Indiatimes has established itself with a very good product range. The collections at Indiatimes Shopping include apparels, toys, baby products, bags, watches, mobiles, computers, home appliances, kitchen appliances, books and many more.

Where To Look For Better Options?

In books and electronic items, Indiatimes shopping offers a wide range of collections. In fact, the collection of books is outstanding. In apparels, footwear and in a few other categories, Snapdeal does better. You could make your choice on the website based on your purchase. Take into account the product you want to buy and choose the online store based on it.

Where Quality Is Not Compromised

One of the reasons why you might hesitate to try shopping online is owing to your concern for quality. We see a general trend where customers’ spending spree has increased and they do shell out some money by way of experimenting something new. However, they are sure allergic to receiving defective products and you cannot blame them. You would as well not prefer being a target, right? Hence, it is quite natural to look for quality and with Snapdeal and Indiatimes Shopping you can get quality. Both online stores deal with branded items that have been in the market for an impressive period of time.

Where You Need Not Dig Deep

Online stores offer products for lesser price and hence generally you need not dig deep into your pockets to shell out the money, unless you make heavy purchases. Both Snapdeal and Indiatimes Shopping offer products for lesser than market price. Using Snapdeal and Indiatimes Shopping coupons, you could avail greater discounts on their products.

Where You Have Ears To Listen To You

Having someone hear your complaints after the sale is over is refreshing. Your mind is already weighed down by the quality of the product or the type of the product you have received. You would not want to get further depressed by making unattended calls and writing endless mails that do not get a reply. You have trusted the store enough to make a purchase online and it is not fair if all you get in return is silence when you have a complaint. However, this is what most of the online stores offer and this offer is the one that is not in their list of promises.

As far as Indiatimes Shopping is concerned, it makes obvious attempts to address the complaints of its customers. However, it is true that the complaints should have been avoided in the first place by providing quality services. You can at least be thankful that they do not disconnect you once you have made the payment. Snapdeal snaps the door shut once the deal is over. There are many customer complaints about the quality of products it has delivered in spite of the branded items it has and non-delivery of products on scheduled time.

In spite of all the complaints, Snapdeal has indeed managed to earn recommendation from many. The reason could be the deals it offers. However, if the customer is not dealt properly, deals may not favor the company for long. Hence, Snapdeal has to improve its customer service if it aims to make its deals more powerful.

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