Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Ecommerce Themes for Drupal 7

Drupal has a great reputation for being a robust CMS. Many global businesses trust Drupal for their online businesses and ecommerce functionality. For those looking for ready-made designs, great looking themes for Drupal are often hard to find, and ecommerce themes are even fewer in numbers. With the release of Drupal 7 last year, developers have had to wait until extensions and themes to be upgraded from Drupal 6. A lot of progress has been made in this area, although are only a few Ecommerce themes are ready for Drupal 7. The following are some Ecommerce themes that are compatible with Drupal 7.

Metropolis is a free and very simple theme, which supports IE6. It is suitable for all types of sites from personal to business and ecommerce sites. It supports tableless layouts, Superfish dropdown menus and custom login and logouts. At the last count it has had 1,299 downloads. This theme is best if you are looking for a very basic design.

IC3 Clean
IC3 Clean is another free theme from Litecommerce. It is a charming and fresh 3-column tableless design. It is compatible with IE6, Firefox 3.5, Chrome 10 browsers and above. It supports the IC_connector module and includes a drop down menu. This is likely the best choice among the free options.

Free Ecommerce Themes in Development
There are other free themes available, although they are at various stages of development and have not reached full release stage yet. These include
Acquia Prosper, at development stage, AT Commerce at release candidate stage and Black Piano at beta release stage. It is worth keeping an eye on these, as they are in active development and are likely to reach full release for Drupal 7 in the near future.

Ecommerce Pro
Ecommerce Pro is a theme from Themesnap offering 5 colors, social media tabs, category featured products, homepage slideshow, and product page slideshow. Product pages can show ratings and it is compatible with IE6. This theme is updated every 2 months. This is a decent ecommerce theme with a great set of features and is available for $59.

Shoppica is certainly the most feature rich and customizable ecommerce theme for Drupal 7. Also from Themesnap, this theme offers infinite color options, front page slider, and it built on the 960 grid framework. Category pages can display slide shows. Grid products view can be sorted by category e.g. price or model. It is also Jquery enhanced, social media integrated and the list of features is very extensive. This is also being offered for $59. If you are looking for the most fully featured ecommerce theme for Drupal 7, Shoppica is the definitely the one to go for.

This is a guest post by Mitchel Xavier who works as a Drupal developer and creates Drupal website design and Drupal cms solutions for businesses in Sydney Australia.