Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Wikipedia 10th Anniversary Celebration in Pune

Event Announcement: http://news.karpe.net.in/wikipedia-10th-anniversary-celebration-in-pun
Mr Barry Newstead who is Chief Global Development Officer of Wikimedia Foundation shared following points.

Wikimedia Foundation's plans for next 10 years.
1) Secured Infrastructure
2) Increasing Participation
3) Quality ( Rating Tool )
4) Increasing reach ( Books, CD, Pendrive )
5) Innovation

India is on priority. 
Barry had travel 3 times in last 5 months in India. Because India have great community, more than 30 Million monthly visitor on wikimedia.org.
India is important for Wikimedia Foundation because:
1) Opportunity
2) Free Knowledge
3) Hub for Innovation
4) Office in India ( Only Office outside US )

More I learn, less I know.
Knowledge puzzle yet to complete.


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mangesh salunke said...

wiki expanding knowledge source.
it's great u summarised that event here .
its great event.i also present for event.