Monday, July 25, 2011

Samsung Galaxy S II

On 21 July I buy My second Samsung Galaxy phone i.e. Samsung Galaxy S II ( gt-i9100 ). I already had Android phone "Samsung Galaxy i7500". My new phone have 1.2 GHz Dual Core processor and 2 GB of RAM. 8MP Camera and much more. This is one of the best Google Android phone in Market. Even on various sites or blogs people are claiming that this is the Best Phone in Market. Have a look at these photo. It is so slick. Screen is 4.3-inch Super AMOLED Plus.
Cost: This is contract phone. i.e. I get post paid Star Hub service.
Every month I have to pay 100$ for next 2 years. Normally it should cost 28000-29000 INR in India and 800-900$ in Singapore.


Friday, July 08, 2011

Google Plus (Google+) will stay here

I will use G+ because I like concept & use of circles. I have more 500+ friends on FB and I am not able to update my self with my real friends.
If on FB anything similar to circle please let me know. Lets say I want to read updates only from my school friends or IT Milan member or PLUG member. Currently I prefer "List" concept on twitter. I prefer to read only twits which I think are informative for me.
I think Google Plus (G+) will stay here & will give good fight for FB. But it wont beat FB. I use Buzz as my primary two way communication social networking. Though I have account on 20+ social networking sites and 3-4 blogs. I like small community/network which is active around me on buzz, on which I daily spend more time than Twitter or FB or Posterous. I as actually very excited with Wave but it was difficult for my small brain ;)  But buzz catch very well. Overall I am big fan for Google & its products. I used my gmail for 40% to compare my overall computer use, which include 5+ mails ids, 20+ mailing list and 30+ newsletters. From there I compose my all blogs and post to blogspot or posterous and from there it get auto posted on FB, Twitter, Wordpress and 10+ social networking sites . Even some time I post my buzz or twits through gmail :D
So overall Google understand social networking, web environment, human psychology. And thats why "Google Plus (G+) will stay here".

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Installation Moodle 2.0

This is Quick Guide/ How to for "Installation Moodle 2.0" on Linux operation system.
My System: Ubuntu 10.04 LTS Lucid with Apapche, MySQL, PHP.
Downlaod Moodle 2.0 from
All other steps are same which we used to install any LAMP ( web based ) Open Source application.
Just for Note:
Create database. While creating database create it with "Change Collation: utf8_general_ci" in phpmyadmin.
After created database using following command you can alter it for unicode support.

Also you have to install php extentions php5-curl, php5-intl, php5-xmlrpc.


Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Samasung Galaxy S II - Top in Mobile/SmartPhone

Last many days I am reading many reviews about Mobiles, specially latest smartphone. I can conclude that the most promising smartphone is Samasung Galaxy S II. You can compare Samasung Galaxy S II with Apple  iPhone 4 and HTC Sensation only. I will prefer GSM Arena site for any kind detail study, in case if you want any India Market specific information then you can refer Fone Arena.

For More Information:

Thursday, April 07, 2011

Panda Board availability in India by IDA Systems

I have seen many community members from India asking about the availability of Panda Board in India. For several months there was only one vender - Digi-Key (World-Wide) and so was not an easy job to buy Panda Board in India. Panda Board community used to point to a website page which only showed a link about Digi-Key & Special Computing. Because of the advent of IDA Systems, there would now be great relief for the Indian Panda Board community. In my opinion the community would now get good support from IDA Systems in India.
IDA Systems is pre-booking Panda Board at Rs 14500/- inclusive of CST and
shipping( fully Insured Via Blue Dart). Shipping will start in the First week of May. Stocks are limited and will be shipped on first come first served payment basis. To pre-book please send an email to

For More Information:
Also you can mail for further inquiry

To know more about Panda Board check following links:

Beagleboard XM price drop in India - Now Only Rs 9980

My personal experience with IDA Systems were good. Till now I brought Beagle board and Hawk Board from IDA Systems. I have never face any problem while interacting with IDA Systems. Even once my Beagleboard got problem, in 30 days they replace with new board.
Recently IDA Systems announce "Beagleboard XM price drop in India - Now Only Rs 9980" at Beagle Board mailing list.
"We at IDA Systems ( are pleased to announce a major drop in price of the Beagleboard XM in India. The existing price was Rs 12500 all Inclusive. The New Price is Rs 9980 inclusive of CST and insured shipping via Blue Dart to you address (all inclusive). This is a saving of Rs 2520 (approx USD 56)."

For More:
Also you can mail for further inquiry

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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Wikipedia 10th Anniversary Celebration in Pune

Event Announcement:
Mr Barry Newstead who is Chief Global Development Officer of Wikimedia Foundation shared following points.

Wikimedia Foundation's plans for next 10 years.
1) Secured Infrastructure
2) Increasing Participation
3) Quality ( Rating Tool )
4) Increasing reach ( Books, CD, Pendrive )
5) Innovation

India is on priority. 
Barry had travel 3 times in last 5 months in India. Because India have great community, more than 30 Million monthly visitor on
India is important for Wikimedia Foundation because:
1) Opportunity
2) Free Knowledge
3) Hub for Innovation
4) Office in India ( Only Office outside US )

More I learn, less I know.
Knowledge puzzle yet to complete.


The Most Popular Open Source Programs

This is "Guest Post" from my friend Britney Baker, who write for the Prepaid Hacks Technology and Finance Blog at

Open source software is gaining popularity quickly, and behind this, there is quite a good reason. This particular type of software offers its source code to the public which can, in turn, allow it to grow and advance very quickly. This is simply because of the amount of ideas and work invested into the software from the general public as well as the developers. All open source software essentially gets better with time, but what exactly are the most popular open source programs available for download?

Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is quite possibly the most popular open source program on the Internet. Firefox is an open source web browser with the purpose of giving computer users an alternative to Internet Explorer or Safari. Its popularity can be explained because of the advanced security for web browsing that it offers, its customization features, and excellent performance. It has long been the go-to browser of choice for the tech-savvy, and it is also the bundled browser for many Linux distributions.


WordPress is specifically designed to allow virtually anyone create a beautiful and visually striking website or blog. It's one of the more successful (if not the most successful) pieces of software geared strictly for helping computer users get a website up and running within minutes. Many different types of people ranging from the business owner to the casual blogger use WordPress to reach the internet every day. Using themes and various plugins with Wordpress, anyone can turn their corner of the web into a flourishing and successful website.

No open source program list would be complete without a mention of Many people looking for an alternative to the pricey Microsoft Office have turned to this free application suite, and most haven't even looked back since. is a comprehensive office suite offering the same basic types of programs including a spreadsheet application, a word processing application, a presentation application, and more. Completing time-sensitive projects on a budget is possible with, and this is all thanks to contributors from all over the globe.


7-Zip has been known as the all-in-one alternative to commercial products such as WinZip or WinRAR. This software has been known as the solution for anyone who'd like to compress a group of files for easy organization or faster file transfers. There literally isn't much that 7-Zip can't do when paired up against commercial big dogs, and that's impressive for a compression utility.


Need an FTP solution for your website or server, and don't have the money to shell out on commercial software? This is exactly why FileZilla exists. FileZilla offers impressive features like support for many different operating systems, IPv6 support, a drag & drop ability, remote file editing, a tabbed interface, transfer speed limits, and so much more. FileZilla is the total package in an open source program. The program packs enough punch to measure up against other closed source software, and sometimes, it even out-performs these programs!

Britney Baker reviews prepaid cellphones for Her latest review looked at Tracfone.