Tuesday, November 16, 2010

MOM: PLUG Meeting

Even Announcement : http://www.amitkarpe.com/2010/11/3-technical-event-in-pune.html

Minutes Of Meeting
1. Aditya Godbole explain PLUG's participation at CMDA expo in Pune. Last 6 years PLUG is participating at CMDA Pune, where more than 10,000 visitors visit our stall every day.
He also explains why PLUG participate at CMDA Pune. PLUG wont make any profit our of this participation, but PLUG dose this for FOSS & GNU/Linux promotion and awareness.
2. PLUG had called for volunteer who can spend time at PLUG stall for CMDA expo from 10th Dec to 13 Dec 2010 at Hotel Marriott, SB Raod, (ICC) Pune. Volunteer required to stay at stall and represent PLUG, demonstrate various GNU/Linux distributions, distribute CDs/DVDs, registrar visitor by filling PLUG's membership form and may have to answer various technical queries.
So behalf of PLUG I request you all to come forward for volunteering. For more details you can post mail at PLUG mailing list. You don't have to be Linux Guru.
3. Amit Karpe talk about "The Open ARM Lab initiative". Which is SIG or Community where enthusiastic of ARM & Open Source Technology come together. Main aim is to contribute into Open Source in form of source code, documentation, design, solving problems of community members. This initiative is young and it is still evolving a lot. We expect this lab will have more hands on practical activities. Which will help to give more access & exposure to various Open Hardware Platform/Boards like Hawk Board, Panda Board, Beagle Board. Finally this community should help every one to get knowledge, reputation, more value for his/her profile.
4.Harshad Gune introduce last year's GNUnify event and then we started open discussion on GNUnify. Which is an annual gathering comprising of Workshops, Talks, Seminars and BOFs (Birds of a feather) held by the PLUG and the SICSR in Pune, India. We discuss various points like arranging Mobile OS Install Fest, some hands on sessions which actually contribute code into upstream community like we did at PLUG Mashup. Also there were discussion for advance track for Teachers from Computer Science academia. Which may have focus talk around Live CD and its tools like GCC, GDB, Geany, and LAMP.
5. There can be various new interesting tracks like Firewall, Mail server install fest which only have focus for System Admin level audience. There can be Localization and wikipedia contribution fest. We are still thinking of idea of Keynote Speaker who may have mass influence. Also we discuss various volunteering & management options. Sudhanwa, Manjusha Joshi had given various suggestions. PLUG want more & more ideas & volunteers to make this event successful. So comm on PLUGgies, FOSS fans, Linux Lover lets make GNUnify & CMDA expo big success.

PS: Above photo have all details for various tracks & its owner who will communicate with various speakers and arrange its sequence.
Track  :  Owner
WikiPedia - Aditya Godbole
Web - Harshad Gune
System Programing - Chetan Patil & Amit Karpe
Sysadmin - Sudhanwa Jogalekar
Scientific Computing - Manjusha Joshi
Also Harshad will coordinate for various logistic & management related activities.

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