Thursday, November 18, 2010

Open ARM Lab Session: Hands on with Toolchain for Friendly Arm Board

Updated Venue & Time:

The Open ARM Lab session for this week will be held on Saturday, 20th November 2010.
Agenda: Hands session on with Toolchain for Friendly Arm
Speaker: --
Date: 20 Nov 2010 - Saturday
Time: 11 PM to 5 PM
Agenda: Hands on with Toolchain for Friendly Arm
Venue: Embedded Design Center, 3rd Floor,
Department of Instrumentation & Control
College of Engineering, Pune.
Venue Map: Embedded Design Center, Instrumentation Department, COEP, Pune.
Venue Contact Person Suchakra : 9579317211

Agenda in Details:

1) Day long hands on session
 1. Host and Target OS blueprint.
 2. Install and configure toolchain for Friendly Arm on Host.
 3. Build Linux OS for target device.
 4. Develop a few apps for Friendly arm board.
 5. Document & publish the build process.
2) Talk:  "Development OTG - Accessing board shell through a browser : A Lateral Approach" ( Duration: 20 minutes approx. )
3) Open Discussion

Flyer for "Open ARM Lab Session"
( Thanks to Suchakra)

 Open ARM Lab Session                                                              

Old Meetings MOM:
16 October 2010 MOM of Open ARM LAB meeting
14 November 2010 MOM: Demo for "Friendly ARM" board and tool chain

    Wednesday, November 17, 2010

    PandaBoard, Texas Instruments ARM Cortex-A9

    Tuesday, November 16, 2010

    Lets set the Goal

    Siddharth Waikar's Farewell Party

    One my close Friend & Colleague had got offer from RedHat. So we at DSK Digital organized Siddharth Waikar's Farewell Party on 13 Nov 2010. We had gifted him "Saha Soneri Pane" book by Veer Savarkar. Siddharth is true "Marathi Manus" who had very interesting signature for his mail:

    सिद्धार्थ अ. वाईकर.

    "लाभले आम्हांस भाग्य बोलतो मराठी, जाहलो धन्य ऐकतो मराठी!
    धर्म,पंथ,जात एक जाणतो मराठी, एवढ्या जगात माय मानतो मराठी!!"

    More photos:
    His Blog:

    MOM: PLUG Meeting

    Even Announcement :

    Minutes Of Meeting
    1. Aditya Godbole explain PLUG's participation at CMDA expo in Pune. Last 6 years PLUG is participating at CMDA Pune, where more than 10,000 visitors visit our stall every day.
    He also explains why PLUG participate at CMDA Pune. PLUG wont make any profit our of this participation, but PLUG dose this for FOSS & GNU/Linux promotion and awareness.
    2. PLUG had called for volunteer who can spend time at PLUG stall for CMDA expo from 10th Dec to 13 Dec 2010 at Hotel Marriott, SB Raod, (ICC) Pune. Volunteer required to stay at stall and represent PLUG, demonstrate various GNU/Linux distributions, distribute CDs/DVDs, registrar visitor by filling PLUG's membership form and may have to answer various technical queries.
    So behalf of PLUG I request you all to come forward for volunteering. For more details you can post mail at PLUG mailing list. You don't have to be Linux Guru.
    3. Amit Karpe talk about "The Open ARM Lab initiative". Which is SIG or Community where enthusiastic of ARM & Open Source Technology come together. Main aim is to contribute into Open Source in form of source code, documentation, design, solving problems of community members. This initiative is young and it is still evolving a lot. We expect this lab will have more hands on practical activities. Which will help to give more access & exposure to various Open Hardware Platform/Boards like Hawk Board, Panda Board, Beagle Board. Finally this community should help every one to get knowledge, reputation, more value for his/her profile.
    4.Harshad Gune introduce last year's GNUnify event and then we started open discussion on GNUnify. Which is an annual gathering comprising of Workshops, Talks, Seminars and BOFs (Birds of a feather) held by the PLUG and the SICSR in Pune, India. We discuss various points like arranging Mobile OS Install Fest, some hands on sessions which actually contribute code into upstream community like we did at PLUG Mashup. Also there were discussion for advance track for Teachers from Computer Science academia. Which may have focus talk around Live CD and its tools like GCC, GDB, Geany, and LAMP.
    5. There can be various new interesting tracks like Firewall, Mail server install fest which only have focus for System Admin level audience. There can be Localization and wikipedia contribution fest. We are still thinking of idea of Keynote Speaker who may have mass influence. Also we discuss various volunteering & management options. Sudhanwa, Manjusha Joshi had given various suggestions. PLUG want more & more ideas & volunteers to make this event successful. So comm on PLUGgies, FOSS fans, Linux Lover lets make GNUnify & CMDA expo big success.

    PS: Above photo have all details for various tracks & its owner who will communicate with various speakers and arrange its sequence.
    Track  :  Owner
    WikiPedia - Aditya Godbole
    Web - Harshad Gune
    System Programing - Chetan Patil & Amit Karpe
    Sysadmin - Sudhanwa Jogalekar
    Scientific Computing - Manjusha Joshi
    Also Harshad will coordinate for various logistic & management related activities.

    Monday, November 15, 2010

    MOM: Demo for "Friendly ARM" board and tool chain

    Event Announcement Details:

    1. We had 12 attendees for the talk.
    2. Chaitannya demonstrated running friendly ARM board and introduce its various part.
    How Linux works on Friendly ARM ?
    3. He demonstrate how to program pwm (beep) Pulse Width Modulation , adc (Analog Digital Converter), lcd, gpio ?
    4. Practical demo of how to develop program on host, compile then using tool chain ( cross compiling ) and then copy them using ftp or telnet ?
    5. He introduces concept of tool chain and showed process to build tool chain. ( He is going to update complete documentation at Wiki at )
    6. We also discuss rules for mailing list and next agenda for Open ARM Lab.

    Review of MeeGo and AppUp Developer Program in Pune

    Event Details:

    Review of MeeGo and AppUp Developer Program in Pune:
    1. Nokia & Intel are really serious about this Platform.
    2. Still need some boost for community participation & contribution.
    3. Hands on Session got good response.
    4. MeeGo will compete directly with Android on various market.
    5. MeeGo community or governance is "Truly Open" than Android.

    8 useful Google Android resources


    8 useful Google Android resources

    By Bob Brown

    How Android conquered the mobile market
    This is our big picture look on how the heck Android snuck up on everyone, when three years ago it was very unclear whether Google's mobile bet would go anywhere.  Since January, Android has doubled its total market share in the mobile operating system market, and devices based on Android accounted for a whopping 44% of smartphones purchased in the third quarter of 2010, according to figures from NPD, one of many outfits tracking smartphone sales and usage.

    iPhone vs. Droid vs. BlackBerry
    We look at the three hot smartphone platforms in the United States from Apple, Google's partners and Research in Motion as part of our broader  series on Networking's Greatest Arguments. For a closer look at Android OS 2.2 vs Apple's iOS 4, check out this piece from sister site InfoWorld.

    A Brief History of Android
    We won't bog you down with a ton of details, but zip through this slideshow to learn about how Android got to where it is from its humble beginnings at Google in November, 2007.  Then test your knowledge by taking our Google Android Quiz.

    Why customers choose Android
    Many Android customers started with something else. Here's what 7 BlackBerry geeks have to say about why they made the switch from their RIM devices to Android products.

    Best Android apps
    Our friends at PC World took at stab at picking the 22 best apps of all sorts in the Android Market, including SkyFire and Barcode Scanner. For few narrower lists, you can also try the 10 Best Entertainment Apps and 10 Free Android Apps for Staying in the Know. Oh, and if you want to get some work done, see 10 Must-Have Android Apps for Business.

    Android security
    Google Android security is improving but has some catching up to do with the iPhone and BlackBerry. Here's what a Forrester analyst has to say about Android security and here's what IT pros at big organizations like Del Monte Foods and Ford have to say about smartphone security concerns and priorities.  The good news is that technologies from companies like Good Technology are being designed to support Android devices.

    Android tips
    Network World Senior Editor Jon Brodkin is an early Android smartphone user and offers his tips on installing Flash on Froyo (Android OS 2.2) and offers his impressions of Froyo on a Motorola Droid. Separately, PC World offers tips on making sure Android app developers aren't snooping on your privacy.  This final article is a little older, with some of it relating specifically to Android OS 2.0, but many of these 40 Android tips still apply.

    Android blogs
    While Network World continues to boost its Android coverage, other good sources of Android news are blogs dedicated to the Google mobile platform. Check out the Android section from this list of 50 smartphone blogs compiled early in 2010.

    Patriotism for 5 minutes

    I just watched movie "Rang De Basanti". And just thought that it will be great if I get chance to burn my life for my county. I am ready to sacrifice my life for country. But will that really help my country. I remember song from "The legend of Bhagat Singh". Which actually poem by Ram Prasad Bismil, the great Indian Independence leader.

    Khushboo Banke Mehka Karenge Hum Lelahti Har Faslo Mein
    Saas Ban Ke Hum Gun Gunayenge Aane Wali Har Naslo Mein Hum
    Khushboo Banke Mehka Karenge Hum Lelahti Har Faslo Mein
    Saas Ban Ke Hum Gun Gunayenge Aane Wali Har Naslo Mein Hum
    Aane Wali Aane Wali Naslo Mein Hum
    Sarfaroshi Ki Tamanna Ab Hamare Dil Mein Hai
    Dehkna Hai Zor Kitna Baajuen Qaatil Mein Hai
    Waqt Aane Pe Bata Denge Tujhe Hai Aasmaan
    Kya Baatein Hum Junoonein Shok Kis Manzil Mein Hai
    From "Rang De Basanti":
    hai liye hathiyaar dushman taak mein baitha udhar
    aur hum taiyyaar hain seena liye apna idhar
    khoon se khelenge holi gar vatan muskhil mein hai
    sarfaroshi ki tamanna ab hamaare dil mein hai

    I really feel the same. Lets my blood will become color of Pride. Lets clear the bad system, politics, corruption from India.
    Living everyday for vision of my mother land... "Bharat Mata" !!!!

    I have seen my friends discussing after watching movie with excitement. Everyone is agree with need of scarification, change, revolution. But after few days, memory of movie get fade away and also requirement of scarification, change, revolution. Then same old life with zero Patriotism, no need of scarification. How to change all this ? From where to start ? I don't want to just talk about current scandals or allegations about CWG, Adarsh Society, 2G spectrum. I have seen political people coming back into political life after punishment. The reason for resignation may be anything. People may forget everything be it 26/11 or anything. We just forget. People wont remember anything. They don't remember scarification of Shivaji Maharaj, Maharana Pratap, Tilak, Savarkar, Bhagat Sing, Subhash Chandra Bose. At the end of movie of "Rang De Basanti" few boys shout on TV camera "We wont forget this", "Thanks for igniting us". With movie its ok to watch it forget it. But is it ok for real life ? real issues ? Do we remember 14 August 1947 ?? What is great about 14 August ? I must have to type 15 August ..... ! No. I want to say something about 14 August. On 14 August 1947 Pakistan gains Independence. No. On 14 August India get divided get partitioned. After that so many time our India get divided, partitioned. And that was not last partition. We had lost land at Kashmir, Tibet, various small Islands, 64K km area of Arunachal Pradesh. And thousands of time by our Politician. Do we remember anything ? Do we know anything ? What is happening at North East India. How Jammu & Kashmir are burning every day ? Why they are burning ? Why Religious demographics of every state, in India changing so rapidly ?  Why Bangladeshi are free to enter in India ? Why India with 70% population earns 20/- Rs per day ? Why less literacy, poor education, poor health facility ? Why there is so much corruption ? Why "anna data" farmer ends there life ? Why Farmers' suicides news is no more important news in India ? Why anyone can spit on road ? Why Marathi people having problem from Bihari people ? Why some one beat some one just because of Religion, Cast, Language, Statehood ?
    Because we are 5 minutes Indian. Because we love our nation, our mother land only for 5 minutes. That only on 15 August, 26 January, while sining national anthem or Pledge, after some incidence like 26/11, India wins against Pakistan, at end of movies like Rang De Basanti, The legend of Bhagat Singh, Swadesh, Nayak. We are Patriotic only for 5 minutes. Our Patriotism last for only 5 minutes. Lets change this. We must develop Patriotism in every Indians heart. Lets become true Indian for 24X7X365. For every hour and every minute. Please suggest me such ways ? Books ? Movies ? Activities ? I want to live every second with full of Patriotism.

    Friday, November 12, 2010

    Demo for "Friendly arm" board and tool chain

    The Open ARM Lab meeting for this week will be held on Sunday, 14th November 2010.
    Agenda: Demo for "Friendly arm" board and tool chain
    Speaker: Chaitannya Mahatme
    Date: 14 Nov 2010
    Time: 11 AM to 2 PM
    Agenda: Demo for "Friendly arm" board and tool chain
    Venue: DSK Digital Technologies Pvt. Ltd. "Ramashree", 3rd Floor, 1206/30 Off J.M. Road, Shivaji Nagar, Pune 411005 Maharashtra, India Tel No.:: 020- 25511481/ 482.
    Venue Map: Goolge Map

    Thursday, November 11, 2010

    OMAP Tutorial Hour - Repeat sessions

    Video recording from the session is available at

    Details on the past sessions and archives including the presentation slides and video recordings can be obtained from
    Presentation "Introduction to Panda Board".

    Panda Board Introduction                                                            

    From: Thondar, Geetha <> on Panda Board mailing list.

    Hello All,

    Please find details on the upcoming "OMAP Tutorial Hour" that will be hosted on Nov 15th, Mon. There will be 2 sessions - 7 am & 1 pm CST (Central Standard Time) (UTC-5).

    These are Repeat Sessions from Oct to help the new users of the PandaBoard community and to suit the different time zones.


    ·         Introducing PandaBoard - Presented by Nipuna Gunasekera / Jayabharath Goluguri

    ·         Your guide to OMAPpedia - Presented by Geetha Thondar

    7 am session:
    WebEx URL: 
    Meeting Number: 757 998 605
    Meeting Password: None
    1 pm session:
    WebEx URL: 
    Meeting Number: 759 506 916
    Meeting Password: None
    Teleconference Participant Code (same for both sessions): 42691576
    Teleconference bridge number in USA: 1-877-561-6828 or (972) 995 7777
    Teleconference bridge numbers for other countries please visit:

    We invite you to present in a future session – please suggest your topics at:


    MeeGo and AppUp Developer Program in Pune

    Date: 11th November 2010
    Venue: Sun n Sand, Bund Garden Road, Pune
    Time: 09:30 AM – 05:00 PM

    Attend the seminar and learn to build MeeGo applications

    Intel and Nokia merged the Moblin and Maemo platforms into one Linux-based platform MeeGo that offers a fully open software platform for the next generation of computing devices and improves cross platform compatibility with the Qt application and UI framework.

    MeeGo will significantly expand the market opportunities for developers. MeeGo can run on multiple hardware platforms and will be deployed across many computing devices - including netbooks, tablets, handhelds, media phones, connected TVs and in-vehicle infotainment devices, and so will be a leading choice for application and services innovation.

    Learn about creating a MeeGo application using the MeeGo SDK, interact with Intel experts, meet with key players in the MeeGo ecosystem and explore new business opportunities.

    More Info:


    More Technical Event in Pune

    This Saturday we will have 3 technical events in Pune.
    1. PLUG Meeting
    2. Drupal Meet
    3. Open ARM Lab Meeting ( Not Confirm Yet )

    Open ARM Lab Meeting Confirmed:

    For more event just check

    Linaro 10.11 Final released

    From: Jamie Bennett <> (Linaro Release Manager)
    For more info:


    The Linaro team is pleased to announce the release of Linaro 10.11.
    10.11 is the first public release that brings together the huge amount
    of engineering effort that has occurred within Linaro over the past 6
    months. In addition to officially supporting the TI OMAP3 (Beagle
    Board and Beagle Board XM) and ARM Versatile Express platforms, the
    images have been tested and verified on a total of 7 different platforms
    including TI OMAP4 Panda Board, IGEPv2, Freescale iMX51 and ST-E U8500.

    The advances that have happened in this cycle are numerous but include a
    completely rebuilt archive using GCC 4.4.4 and the latest ARM optimised
    tool chain, the Linux kernel version 2.6.35, support for
    cross-compiling, a new hardware pack way of building images, 3D
    acceleration improvements, u-boot enhancements and initial device tree
    support, a new QA tracking structure, the list goes on. For a full
    break-down of what was scheduled for the 10.11 release please see:

    Wednesday, November 03, 2010

    Happy Diwali

    From: and

    Dear Friends,

    Just wanted to wish everyone a very happy Diwali J Wondering why am wishing now?

    Diwali celebration in Maharashtra is interestingly different from what is seen in other parts of the country. In a typical Marathi family Diwali celebrations starts with Rama Ekadashi followed by 'Vasu-baras' that comes on tithi 'Ashwin krushna dwadashi' as per Marathi calendar. Vasu-baras is a celebration held in honor of cows - regarded as mother, sacred animal because of its versatile usefulness by Hindus. Following the rituals of the day, married women perform 'puja' of cows having calf. The tradition symbolizes a mankind's gratitude towards cow for serving them and their children.

    So today is “Vasu-Baras”, hence the wishes. Have a great day ahead… If you are interested in more details.. Following are the details about the Diwali in Maharastra…


    Diwali in Maharashtra

    Diwali Celebration in Maharashtra

    First Day:


    Second Day:

    Narak Chatudarshi, or Choti Diwali, Roop Chaturdashi, Kali Choudas

    Third Day:

    Laxmi Pujan, Chopda Pujan

    Fourth Day:

    Diwali cha padva or Balipratipada, VarshaPratipada / Pratipad Padwa

    Fifth Day:

    Bhaubeej / Bhaaoo-Bij


    Dhanatrayodashi is a popular name for Dhanteras in Maharashta. Some also celebrate Dhanvantari Jayanti on this day to honor the great god of Ayurved and health science, lord Dhanvantari. On the day of Dhanatrayodashi 'Yama-Deep-Dan' is held wherein mothers and wives make one ‘lamp (diya)’ each for all living male in the family. The diva, made from the kneaded flour is lit and offered to Lord Yama in the evening. The direction of flame is never kept towards south throughout the year, but this day is an exception. This day, the flame of Diya is kept southwards-south being the direction of death/Yama-to honor Lord Yama, As they perform the ritual womenfolk pray to Lord Yama - God of Death and justice that their husbands and sons be blessed with a long healthy life.

    Narak Chatudarshi
    Chhoti Diwali is popularly known as Narak-Chaturdashi in Maharashtra. On this day people celebrate Narakasur’s death by Lord Krishna and his sister Subhadra. They get up early before sunrise and massage their bodies with scented oil. And as a custom they use 'utane' or 'utanah' for bath instead of soap. This special bath is referred to as 'abhyang-snan' and is to be finished before sunrise. It may be noted that 'Utane' is not the same as uptan. Utane is made of several things having ayurvedic properties like 'chandan' (sandalwood), 'Kapoor' (camphor), Manjistha, Rose, Orange skin and Haldi (turmeric).

    Diwali Celebrations - Lakshmi-Pujan
    Lakshmi-pujan is celebrated on the Diwali evening. Believing that Goddess Lakshmi visits every house in the evening, people perform ‘Lakshmi Puja’. This is essentially a worship of Lord Ganesh along with Goddess mother Lakshmi, in her various forms like money, jewelleries and the broom. Lakshmi is the goddess of wealth, prosperity, beauty. She is fond of cleanliness, so broom, which helps in cleanliness is considered sacred. Cleanliness is another form of Lakshmi. Maintaining it is her Pooja only.

    A variety of mouth-watering delicacies including Ladoo (of Bundi, besan, Rava and other), Mohan-thal, Chivda, Chakali, Shankar-pale, Anarse, Kadaboli, Karanji, Shev, Chirote, Khandwe etc are prepared to mark the festival. Throughout Diwali, Marathi people hang 'Akash-kandil' / 'Akash-diva' and lit up 'panti's outside their houses. Tradition of drawing colourful 'Rangoli's is also followed in Maharashtra as in rest of India.

    Diwali Cha Padva
    The third day of Diwali is also celebrated as 'Diwalicha Padva' by many. This is a celebration of togetherness of husband and wife and love shared by them. To mark the occasion wife does 'aukshan' of her husband and husbands present a special gift to their wife. On this day, Dwapar Yuga had started many thousand years ago.(Now is Kali Yuga wich started around 5200 BC).

    The last day of Diwali festival is called Bhau Bij. In this sisters do 'aukshan' of their brothers and pray for their long life. Brothers, in their turn bless their sister and pamper them with loads of Bhau-Bij gifts.

    In Maharashtra, end of Diwali celebrations marks the beginning of Tulsi-Vivah. Under this people organize marriage of sacred tulsi (a basil plant) in their house. In Maharashtra the tradition is that people start organizing marriage ceremonies of their sons/daughters only once Tulsi-vivah starts. Celebration of Diwali ends with Dev-Diwali. (Celectial Diwali, Diwali celebration of Devas/Gods)


    Posted via email from News from Amit Karpe

    Tuesday, November 02, 2010

    Happy Diwali To All You and Your Family !!!

    Wish you and your family a very happy n'  prosperous Diwali…
    From Karpe Family !!!! 

    Monday, November 01, 2010

    Photos from Beagle /Hawk /Panda Board workshop Mumbai

    Beagle /Hawk /Panda Board workshop at Mumbai CDAC
    Syed Khasim: TI, Akshay Bajaj: CEO Bizmobiletech & Peeyush Chomal: CDAC
    Syed Khasim from TI ( Founder of Beagle Board )
    Syed Khasim interacting & giving demo of Hark, Beagle, Panda Board
    Siji Sunny presenting Beagle Board from Bizmobiletech
    Open Interaction, Q&A, demo at workshop

    Live demonstration of OMAP based Beagle/ Hawk/ Beagle/ Panda board By Syed Khasim from Texas Instruments at Beagle /Hawk /Panda Board workshop, CDAC Mumbai.

    For older post regarding: