Friday, October 15, 2010

Open ARM Lab

Summarize the purpose of "Open ARM Lab" in one sentence it would be "Building industrially viable and resourceful opensource technology"
The word building is very significant here since we necessarily may not create or innovate, but do something which has industrial significance. The goals in descending order of importance would be.
  1. Primary aim would be to contribute to opensource.
  2. Deliver value to industry with the opensource contribution, i.e. the outcome of the activity should have a value and must be purpose driven.
  3. A practical lab where we do designing, coding, documentation, releases, etc and not just talk about opensource.
  4. Common place where ARM-Linux enthusiasts can meet and share hands on knowledge.
  5. A web portal for the same.
  6. Lastly explore newer realms of our creativity.
So two primary questions that demands answers.
  1. What kind of participation is required ?
    1. Contribution in the initial stages is very vital.
    2. Not aiming for students, because there is a big question mark on commitment. It's not like strictly NO ENTRY for students, but you have to qualify the first criteria ... "How would you contribute to the community".
  2. How is it going to benefit me?
    1. Even if you are James Gosling, there is something you won't know about Java (Said by James Gosling himself). A community based learning would significantly improve knowledge (Over a period of time)
    2. We are talking about a hands-on-lab and not a blabber-blabber forum,  so end of the day what you take home is hands on experience on a technology . This can be helpful in starting your business or consultancy.
    3. Sensible contribution to opensource brings reputation in your tech domain. This gives you the opportunity to charge higher if you are a freelancer / company or at least have good pay hike / perks in your job. This is a long term benefit.  
Chaitannya Mahatme and Amit Karpe.

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