Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Introduction to Intel AppUp developer program

Intel AppUpSM developer program is more about developer & OEM platform to develop application for ATOM based devices.
This is like any other Online Application Market. Just like Apple, Google, Samsung, BalckBerry, Nokia. We can say that there tight competition for App market. More & more player will enter in this war :) This new business model where these companies helps developer to provide platform as well as promote their application. In return company provide complete development stack (SDK, Framework) and online infrastructure. This looks like wini-win situation for everyone. Specially I find Mobile & NetBook marketing will become default choice on various platforms. As of now Intel AppUpSM developer program supports Windows (.Net) and Moblin-based operating environments, and Java* and Adobe AIR* runtime support in the future. Support for .Net is very recent development. You can learn more about .Net support here. AppUp SDK for .NET and IDE Plug-in for Visual Studio is available here. This move looks like Intel now realized that with Open Source developer community (Moblin or MeeGo), .Net developers community is must for better prosperity.
Intel have announced Intel® Atom™ Developer Program Million Dollar Development Fund where Intel support developers and software companies drive innovation. There are various funds which will attract good amount of attention from individual developers or companies. Like Accelerator 2010, developer challenge or Dollars for Downloads 2010. So we can expect more & more application developer will join this drive, and will develop application by using SDK.
Do you think developer will benefit in long term ? Should such apps store will helpful for consumer ? Or End user will always demand for Free apps ??


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