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Positive Thoughts

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Positive Thoughts

Friday, August 27, 2010

My New Dell Studio 15 Laptop

Yesterday I received My New Dell Studio 15 Laptop from Dell India.
I had ordered it from Dell Exclusive Store Pune at Tilak Road, Sadashiv Peth. It take 17 working days to received my laptop.

Black Dell Studio 15 Laptop from front side

System Monitor running on my Dell Studio 15 Laptop Ubuntu 10.4 Lucid,  4 CPU ( Intel i3  M 370 @ 2.4 GHz ) and 3 GB RAM & 500 GB HDD

System Monitor running on my Dell Studio 15 Laptop with 4 CPU and 4 GB RAM

Running Dell Studio 15 Laptop

My New Dell Studio 15 Laptop's Configuration:
S541036IN8-Studio 15 New Laptop
Intel® Core™ i3-370M (2.4GHz, 2Core/4Threads, 3M cache)
4GB (2GBx2) 1333MHz DDR3 SDRAM
500GB 7200RPM SATA Hard Drive

ATI Mobility Radeon(TM) HD 5470 - 1GB
Integrated CREATIVE Sound Blaster(R) X-Fi MB Audio Software Solution
Dell 1520 Wireless-N Card
Dell(TM) Wireless 365 Bluetooth Module
Integrated Fast Ethernet 10/100/1000
15.6 " 720p WLED (1366x768) Display with TrueLife(TM)
6-cell Lithium Ion Primary Battery
Internal 8X DVD+/-RW Combination Drive with dual layer write capabilities

# Yr 1 Ltd Hardware Warranty, InHome Service after Remote Diagnosis
1 Year Complete Cover Accidental Damage Protection

Genuine Windows(R) 7 Home Premium 64bit (English)
Microsoft(R) office Starter 2010 Version
Microsoft(R) office 2010 OEM Installation
McAfee(R) Security Center (Multi-Language) - 30-Day Trial Version

Dell Online Backup 2GB

For More Information:

Dell Exclusive Store Pune
Shop # 6, 7 & 8, 1577,
Survey #198/19, Bhagya Nagari Apartment,
Tilak Road, Sadashiv Peth,
Near Maharashtra Mandal,
Ph: 9371652655

Samsung Galaxy S Review

Original Source:


Here is the FoneArena Samsung Galaxy S Review where we take a look at the latest Android Phone from Samsung with a Huge 4 inch SuperAMOLED Display , 1GHz CPU , 5 MP Camera , HD Video Recording and a lot more.


Samsung was a company that always took the backseat in the initial years of the previous decade. Their mobile phones were never revolutionary or beyond expectations. They were satisfied with making good handsets with available technology and also happy with their sales.

While on the other hand, most companies tried to bring something revolutionary into the market and improve. Motorola enjoyed success through their RAZR series of phones, Sony Ericsson’s Walkman series of phones were a huge hit, Nokia’s N95 brought the idea of all in one device, Apple brought a whole new touch screen experience to the table.

Not that Samsung hasn’t produced good phones over the years but nothing was able to stand out from the crowd. But recently say around 2-3 years ago, Samsung has started to rise up to the challenge. They are willing to invest, take risks establish a firm position in the smartphone world.

For example they were the first to launch the 8 Megapixel Camera phone, one of the first to launch a 12 Megapixel camera phone, one of  the first to launch a mobile phone with HD Ready Video recording,  Super AMOLED display , Bada OS etc.

They seem to have also gone beyond their usual to market their products, especially with the Galaxy S and Wave.

The Galaxy S is Samsung’s latest device with Google’s Android OS. Let us take a look whether the Galaxy S is worth all the hype.

Box Contents

The Galaxy S comes in a sleek black rectangular box. The package contents include:

  • Samsung Galaxy S
  • Battery
  • User Guide
  • AC Charger
  • Headphones
  • USB Cable
  • Leather Pouch

Nothing exciting or out of the ordinary but still has all the essentials to get you going.

Design and Build Quality

The Samsung Galaxy S is a monoblock touchscreen phone and measures in at 122.4*64.2*9.9mm. A glance at the measurements and you know this phone is sleek. At 9.9mm it fits in easily even into the tightest of pockets. While the handset is wider and taller than most touchscreens, it is not too large for a phone with a 4” screen. It’s dimensions are perfect according to us. The phone weighs in at 119 grams which is quite light considering all the stuff fitted into the phone.

The main reason for it being so light is that there are no metal parts used for the phone. Everything is glossy plastic. The battery cover, the front surface etc. But the build quality of the phone is not compromised due to the use of plastic. The phone is as sturdy as a rock; there are no creaks or squeaks. The battery cover is a bit flimsy but does not become a concern once it is on the handset.

The phone is basically black in colour. The battery cover however has a unique dotted pattern in blue. This gives the phone a trendy look however it’s done in a way that it’s not too flashy. So while it attracts youngsters, it does not put away the older audiences. The phone is a fingerprint magnet as in the case of any touchscreen phone. The glossy back also attracts a lot of fingerprints. The phone is quite a looker and should please most customers. There have been rumours about a white version of the Galaxy S making its way into the markets. We think it will look quite good in white as well.

Video Review available in 720p HD


The screen is definitely the best thing about the Galaxy S. The 4” Super AMOLED screen with capacitive technology is a treat just to look at. You could keep looking at video or pictures on it all day and still not feel bored. It displays upto 16 million colours and has a resolution of 480x800 pixels. The sheer contrast and brightness of the screen will amaze you. Even at minimum brightness, everything looks great. The only other screen that can be compared is the retina display of the Apple iPhone 4. All the other screens just can’t compete.

An accelerometer takes care of the auto-rotations. Multi-touch inputs are supported. The proximity sensor turns the display on/off during calls. The sensitivity of the screen is brilliant and the slightest of touches are recognised. A stylus wont work on the screen because it uses capacitive technology.

The sunlight legibility is very good thanks to the Super AMOLED technology due to the reduced glare and increase in brightness.. The viewing angles are also great.

Keys and Controls

Being a touchscreen phone, the Galaxy S has minimal hardware buttons. On the front, the three keys on the bottom are the touch sensitive menu and back/return keys which are on either side of the Home button. All three buttons have good feedback and sensitivity.

The home button also doubles as the application/task switcher key upon holding and pressing. On the right side of the device is the power button/screen lock key. The one thing missing on the right side is the camera shutter key and this is one disadvantage about the Galaxy S.

The volume up/down rocker button has been moved to the left side of the device to make way for the power/screen lock key. We would have preferred to have the volume rocker key on the right side and the power/screen lock key on top but this way works too. Although it might be a little confusing at first.

We feel the volume keys could have been slightly more raised rather than making it flush into the casing.

The 3.5mm Jack and the micro-USB port are situated on top. The micro-USB port is protected by a neat sliding plastic cover while the 3.5mm jack remains uncovered.


The reception on the Galaxy S is brilliant. No issues with the coverage was noticed. The earpiece has good audio quality with very little or minimal distortion. Loudness to is sufficient for most cases but can be a bit feeble in very noisy surroundings such as places with loud music etc.

The keypad used for dialling is large and quite user friendly. Smart dial helps you to make calls easily by giving you suggestions according to your input just like search boxes do. The loudspeaker is loud enough indoors but might not be enough outdoors and the ringing volume too might be drained out in very noisy surroundings. But for everyday use it should be enough.

The proximity sensor turns off the display when you hold it next to your ear thus eliminating inputs by mistake and also help to save battery life. The phonebook has practically unlimited capacity and is great. You can view contacts from phone memory, SIM card and Google contacts. You can easily search through your list of contacts using the alphabet scroll on the right, similar to the one found in the music player. You can add info to every contact such as a picture, various phone numbers, website, birthdays etc.


The messaging application organises your messages into threads which are separated on the basis of the person to whom you send or receive the text from. We feel the thread system keeps messages more organised and makes it easier to search for messages.

Messages can be entered using the virtual QWERTY keyboard which is available both in portrait as well as landscape modes. Swype helps you to type quicker by eliminating the need to take your fingers off the screen. The keys are large enough and most of the time very less errors occur while typing even for people with big fingers.

Connectivity and Memory

As with most smartphones available today, the Galaxy S is equipped with every connectivity feature in the book. The vast connectivity options include GPRS, Wi-Fi, EDGE, 3G, HSDPA, micro-USB and Bluetooth 3.0. It is one of the first phones to sport the new version of Bluetooth which gives faster transfer rates and more coverage while consuming lesser battery life. The micro-USB transfer rates are very fast and files of big capacities were copied easily without hesitations.

There are two models of the Galaxy S which provide either 8GB or 16GB of internal memory. The memory can be expanded further by an additional 32GB using the micro-SD card slot. The phone also has 512MB of RAM and 2GB of ROM.

We had some trouble in getting the phone to work over BSNL 3G but we hope it’s an issue only with our unit.


The Galaxy S does extremely well in the music department both in terms of hardware as well as software. The loudspeaker on the device is brilliant in terms of the quality of output. There is little distortion even at maximum volume. But the loudness isn’t at the top of the charts. The only let down is that location of the speaker.

You can connect your own headphones without any adaptors thanks to the 3.5mm jack situated on the top. The audio through the jack is spectacular in both quality as well as loudness. You also get various other tweaks and options such as the 5.1 surround effect, the equalizers and sound effects.

The music player is also brilliant. It is not the usual one that comes on other Android devices but a version that has been tweaked by Samsung and it will take your breath away. It not just has the awesome eye candy but also helps to ease the process of searching for music etc.

It is not possible to explain the features with just words so please take a look at the pictures and videos of the Galaxy S music player or if possible try one out for yourself to understand the awesomeness.


Samsung is the current king of video playback. The Galaxy S supports every format that you put into it be it mp4, wmv, DivX, XviD, mkv etc. Although bigger mkv files might not be recognised at times. It is the only Android powered handset to support so many formats and together with it’s massive 4” Super AMOLED screen, you could keep watching videos on it forever.

We even managed to play HD Ready 1280*720 pixels videos on the phone and it should come as no surprise given the fact that it has HD Ready Video Recording. The phone could be used as a dedicated media player too considering the great battery life. HDMI support would have been cool but Samsung has left it to the hackers.

Update: Samsung has released a microUSB to HDMI Adapter for the Galaxy S in the USA for $50 . Thx Kalpik !

Imaging and Video Recording

The Galaxy S is equipped with a 5 Megapixel camera with Auto-focus, Touch-focus, smile and face detection and Geo-tagging. Surprisingly the camera does not come with a flash, not even an LED flash. This is one of the very few drawbacks of the device. If it did have an LED flash, the device would have been nearly perfect.

While we are fine with the resolution of the camera, the image quality is poorer than we expected. The lack of a flash aggravates the situation. The images taken with the phone are mostly underexposed, noisy and quality is average or above average at best. It does not compete with the top 5 Megapixel performers. Night time photography is out of the question. But during daytime, it does the job.

Camera Samples

The camera does not have a lens cover so the lens is exposed to scratches, smudges and fingerprints. But that is not the worst part considering the lack of flash and also lack of a camera shutter key. The only way to take photos is by using the onscreen camera shutter key.

You tap on the area where you want the camera to focus, after it focuses, tap the camera icon and the picture is taken. The focusing time is quite good and so is the shutter speed but here again its not among the best.

Video recording on the other hand is quite good. It offers HD Ready 1280*720 pixels video recording at 30 fps (Frames per second).  The video quality is one of the best that can be found on handsets currently .  Other handsets offering 720p Video recording are Apple iPhone 4 and Motorola Milestone XT720

Battery Life

The Galaxy S is equipped with a massive 1500 mAh Battery.  Samsung claims it to have a standby time of 750 hours using 2G and 576 hours using 3G. Talk time is rated at 13 hours 30 minutes on 2G and 6 hours 30 minutes on 3G.

In reality too the Galaxy S has great battery life. It exceeded our expectations. You could get 2 days of battery life easily even with heavy usage. We tried everything from music, videos, camera, applications, web browsing etc when we got it and the battery still lasted around 1 and half days which is very good for current high-end phones.

OS and UI

The phone runs on Android 2.1 OS with a Samsung  Touch Wiz 3.0 UI. The default Android Live Wallpapers are available and there are also a few from Samsung. The 7 Home screens are customizable with Widgets – Samsung and Android. You can choose from up to 4 Fonts. We liked the Default Font the most. You can download access apps from Samsung Apps and the Android  market.


The browser is similar to the stock Android browser with minor tweaks. You can browse up to 8 Windows at a time. Flash support is missing but is expected to come soon. There is Tap-to-zoom and Multi-touch, although not a smooth as on the iPhone it is certainly usable. Pages load pretty fast and the huge display makes reading a pleasurable experience


Samsung Galaxy S has turned out to be what we feel is the best Android phone in the market right now. It has everything you could ask for. Its good as a business phone, a multimedia phone etc. It does have a few drawbacks but maybe just one major drawback and no phone is perfect anyway. The only department where it needs quite a big improvement is imaging. It rocks in every other department.

Anyway we feel that this phone will be worth every cent you spend and you’ll love it.


  • Amazing Screen
  • Great Audio Quality
  • Great Video Playback
  • Good Battery Life
  • Good Day light Camera
  • Good Video Recording
  • SWYPE  Input
  • WiFi Hotspot
  • ThinkFree Office Suite


  • Speaker could have been better.
  • No Camera Flash
  • No Dedicated Camera Shutter Key
  • No Camera Lens Cover
  • No Flash support in Browser
  • Weak GPS

Review and Photography by Sandeep Sarma. Additional reporting by Varun Krish

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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Kasba Nagar IT Milan Rakshabandhan Program | कसबा नगर आय. टी. मिलन रक्षाबंधन उत्सव

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Rakshabandhan.pdf (55 KB)

राष्ट्रीय स्वयंसेवक संघ

कसबा नगर आय. टी. मिलन
" रक्षाबंधन उत्सव
सस्नेह    नमस्कार ,
आपल्या शाखेचा रक्षाबंधन उत्सव
दि. २९ ऑगस्ट २०१० रोजी सकाळी
९.०० वाजता आयोजित केला आहे.
आपण वेळेवर उपस्थित राहावे हि  नम्र  विनंती.
स्थळ : त्वष्टा कासार मंदिर
वक्ते : अतुल नागरस

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Shivaji Maharaj follower and various organization protesting against Pune Mayor Mohansingh Rajpal

Shiv Bhakta and Other Organization Protesting against Pune Mayor Mohansingh Rajpal  in front of PMC on 26 August 2010.

After Pune's Mayor Mohansingh Rajpal's order to remove statue of Dadoji Konddeo from the historic Lal Mahal, which was the residence of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, within 24 hours. There were tremendous reaction from all youth in Pune. All Shivaji Maharaj follower had shared their anger with various medium. You can check various orkut & news sites comments, with various argument to prove that decision was blunder mistake. Youth from Pune are so angry with this kind Politics of Shivaji Maharaj name. I don't want to use any name of organization, but those who have good understanding  of cast based politics, are aware of dirty plans of these people. This things happening from last hundred of years. But still their is less awareness on real issue. My personal opinion is, no one should use Shivaji Maharaj's name for personal gain or cast politics.

Sandip Khardekar, Milind Ekbote, Dhiraj Ghate 

Sandip Khardekar, Dhiraj Ghate

For More Photo:


Mayor vows to remove Kondeo statue
Konddeo's statue will be shifted in 24 hrs: Mayor
लाल महालातील दादोजी कोंडदेवांचा पुतळा हलवा

Lifehacker Pack for Android: Our List of the Best Android Apps

Original Source:

Lifehacker Pack for Android: Our List of the Best Android Apps

Lifehacker Pack for Android: Our List of the Best Android Apps

The Android Market isn't always an easy place to get around. Our first edition of the Lifehacker Pack for Android rounds up essential Android apps—our personal favorites for productivity, multimedia, internet life, and just plain usefulness.

Lots of people are picking up new Android phones these days—nearly 200,000 per day, at last count. Google's default apps are pretty handy, but the Market has many great apps, most of them free. Here's a look at our favorite free and cheap Android apps.

We're using the great app search and sync service AppBrain to create a Lifehacker Pack for Android. If you install the AppBrain App Market on your Android phone and sign in through the AppBrain site (using a Google OAuth, no-password-revealed log-in), you can check off and click install multiple apps from the list, or visit the individual [AppBrain] link at the end of each app write-up to find out more and install. If you install AppBrain's Fast Web Install, it's actually ridiculously easy—click "Install" on AppBrain, and your apps instantly start downloading to your phone (as we previously detailed).

Like our iPhone Pack, this list is no short grocery checklist. You can skip to any of the sections from these links:


Lifehacker Pack for Android: Our List of the Best Android AppsAstrid:
Astrid is a simple to-do manager into which you simply start typing, add context if you want to, then save. You can create advanced filters in Astrid, sync it to yourRemember the Milk account for access on the web, and, most helpfully, Astrid is an extremely tenacious beast that won't stop reminding, beeping, and buzzing you until certain very important tasks are done. [AppBrain]

Lifehacker Pack for Android: Our List of the Best Android AppsEvernote:
Evernote's universal note app on Android is not as elegant, fast, or intuitive as Evernote on iPhone. But with the latest update, the app has gotten a lot more usable. There's a home screen widget for quickly searching out notes or recording new text, image, or audio notes. You can send any text, image, or audio on your phone to Evernote through the "Share" menu. And with offline caching and speed improvements, Evernote offers an impressive, seamless thoughts-into-notes experience. [AppBrain]

Lifehacker Pack for Android: Our List of the Best Android Personal Finance:
Even the most stalwart privacy/password protectors among Lifehacker's staff eventually handed it all over to Mint to benefit from the great power of having all your balances, spending, budgets, and planning tools in one place. You can PIN-protect the app, of course, or go the opposite route and keep a quick-glance widget on your home screen, along with recent transactions in a folder or your searchable items. [AppBrain]

Lifehacker Pack for Android: Our List of the Best Android AppsmNote:
At least some of the Lifehacker editors consider synchronized cloud-based note service Simplenote to be the Holy Grail of ubiquitous plain text capture. The mNote app is, at least, a notes app for Androids that usually don't have one built in, with the added benefit of those notes constantly saving themselves and being easily accessible everywhere else. [AppBrain]

Lifehacker Pack for Android: Our List of the Best Android AppsTripIt:
TripIt saves you from the print-outs, email searching, and airport panic sessions common to modern-day travel. Sign up for TripIt, forward your travel itineraries along (or have TripIt automatically import them from Gmail), and then you've got a whole master travel plan on your phone—check-in links, flight information, weather and traffic stats for your destination, and so on. It's an essential for frequent fliers, hotel guests, and train travelers. [AppBrain]


Lifehacker Pack for Android: Our List of the Best Android AppsDolphin Browser HD:
For getting around the web, Android's built-in Browser is compatible, capable, and fast—especially under Android 2.2. But Dolphin Browser's got a few handy tricks up its sleeve. Gesture-based browsing, tabs on top that disappear for full-screen browsing, add-ons that can block ads and send articles to Read It Later, and quite a few other doodads worth checking out. [AppBrain]

Lifehacker Pack for Android: Our List of the Best Android AppsFacebook for Android:
Until this past month, it was a shame how diminished the Facebook client looked in the shadow of its successful iPhone counterpart. But now Facebook's Android presence is capable, good-looking, and even offers a few of its own unique perks, like a pull-up notifications shade and a front-page scroll of recent photos from friends. [AppBrain]

Lifehacker Pack for Android: Our List of the Best Android AppsPDANet:
Data tethering is built into the latest builds of Android. But unless you own a Nexus One, or happened to luck into a cell carrier that's generous with their bandwidth, you probably have to pay an extra sum every month to use your Android's net connection with a computer. PDANet is a reliable third-party option, for Windows and Mac systems, to connect to your Android phone's data plan via USB cable or Bluetooth. It is nothing like free ($19 for the full version), but you can use the free version as long as you'd like—it just doesn't allow access to secure (https) sites. Pay the one-time fee, or use it in a pinch, and you'll get why PDANet is an essential. [AppBrain, requires a desktop download]

Lifehacker Pack for Android: Our List of the Best Android AppsGoogle Voice:
Android's tight integration with Google Voice, the service that puts your voicemail, SMS, and phone management in the cloud, is one of its key selling points. After many revisions, Google's Voice app now makes calling or SMS messaging with a Voice number nearly indistinguishable from a standard call, and the voicemail transcriptions and playback are just another nice bonus of the Google halo. [AppBrain]

Lifehacker Pack for Android: Our List of the Best Android AppsTrillian:
Mobile IM client Trillian manages multiple chat accounts through one app, and we like the interface, too. Because it's in beta, you might want to check out the more testedeBuddy Messenger, which offers similar multi-IM capabilities, but Trillian looks pretty darned nice to us, even in its infancy. That it sends pictures over IM, across networks, with no problems speaks quite a bit to its usefulness alone.

Lifehacker Pack for Android: Our List of the Best Android AppsTwitter for Andorid:
Honestly, we could have gone one of a few ways with this recommendation, but Twitter seems like the best app for the average Twitter user. Other apps, like Seesmicand Twidroyd, offer all kinds of nitpick options, like choosing between old-school "RT" and the official retweet methods and supporting multiple accounts. But if you like clean looks, smooth transitions, and just an easy way to update your status, the official app is the way to go. [AppBrain]


Lifehacker Pack for Android: Our List of the Best Android AppsGoogle Maps & Navigation:
Get in your car. Press the microphone icon on your screen. Say "Navigate to Nathaniel Square, Rochester," and after a quick ping, you're getting turn-by-turn directions, read out loud to you. Press the Layers button, and you'll also get banks and gas stations for necessary detours. Press the time estimate, and you'll get alternate routes with live, color-coded traffic. The Maps app itself is really handy, too, with built-in, tilt-to-turn Street View among its neatest the-future-is-now applications. But it's the directions, and Navigation in particular, that set Android's location powers apart. [AppBrain]

Lifehacker Pack for Android: Our List of the Best Android AppsMy Tracks:
Whether you're into bike rides, runs or walks, hiking, driving, or other feats of movement, you'll dig how much data My Tracks can deliver. Routes get plotted out on Maps, while a Google Docs spreadsheet can be filled with mileage, elevation, timing, and all manner of notes on what you did and where. [AppBrain]


Lifehacker Pack for Android: Our List of the Best Android AppsAppBrain App Market:
Android's Market app could be a lot better. AppBrain makes it better, faster, and more search-able, and loads it with savvier recommendations. The basic AppBrain app provides a good search and categorization for Android apps, but more importantly, the ability to sync your list of installed apps two ways to your Google-linked web account. Pick out a bunch of apps on AppBrain, and you can have them installed (or removed) all at once on your next sync. Because many veteran and enthusiastic Android users are hooked into AppBrain, the recommendations and popular app listings tend to be much better than the Market. [AppBrain App Market]

Fast Web InstallerThe Fast Web Installer app hooks into AppBrain to make the installation process instantaneous—click "Install" on an app on AppBrain's site, and your app starts installing on your phone as soon as your eyes shift from monitor to phone. These apps made this list possible in some ways, and we highly recommend installing both to make installing everything else very easy. [AppBrain]

Lifehacker Pack for Android: Our List of the Best Android AppsAstro File Manager:
You usually won't need it, but a good file manager is handy to have when you need to install an unofficial app, send a file into a particular app, or just open a PDF. Astro lets you comb the contents of your microSD card and act on the files there, whether to move, delete, open, or otherwise tinker. [AppBrain]

Lifehacker Pack for Android: Our List of the Best Android AppsBarcode Scanner:
Until the Market updates with Google's plans to provide over-the-air, instant browser-to-phone app installation, Android enthusiasts have taken to scanning quirky barcodes, or QR codes, to quickly install an application from a blog or print magazine recommendation. To grab those QRs, you need Barcode Scanner. It also offers some basic Google search functionality, but there are better shopping apps, one covered in this list in particular. [AppBrain]

Lifehacker Pack for Android: Our List of the Best Android AppsGoogle Chrome to Phone and Android2Cloud:
They're two sides to the same very futuristic-feeling coin. Both require the use of Google's Chrome browser. Chrome to Phone sends links, Maps locations, or text from Chrome right to your Android phone, while Android2Cloud does the opposite (via the Browser's "Share" function). They save everyone a lot of typing, self-emailing, and other awkward moments by naturally linking Google products together. [AppBrain: Chrome to PhoneAndroid2Cloud]

Lifehacker Pack for Android: Our List of the Best Android AppsDropbox:
File-syncing app Dropbox is so good at doing so many things, but at its most basic level, it seamlessly syncs file across all your devices. On an Android phone, that means making fewer cable transfers necessary, easyinstallation of non-Market apps, and a way to take pictures, video, or sound recordings and have them instantly available on your desktop or other devices. [AppBrain]

Lifehacker Pack for Android: Our List of the Best Android Apps

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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Tree Plantation On Sunday 29th August 2010...Need Participation & Support...

Dear Sevasahayogi ,
We at Seva Sahayog , seek your attention for the ‘Tree Plantation‘ drive scheduled in  the months of July & August…………..
As all of you are well aware on the far reaching impact of urbanization on the environment . The entire world has woken up to the need of ‘Green  legislation' .
Seva Sahayog being the responsible NGO, has taken an initiative to plant trees across locations near by Pune in a phased manner. These trees will be planted by corporate volunteers in association with NGOs / schools in Seva Sahayog network who will ensure the nurturing of these trees.
The tree plantation at Vetal Hills, Behind ARAI Campus, (After crossing Paud Phata flyover Right towards Hills) on Sunday 29th August'2010 Time - Morning 9:30 am to 2:00 pm.
Meeting point ARAI Parking @ 9:30 am.
I also request you to kindly spread this message across your company & friend circle to increase the awareness.
 All necessary arrangement will be done by Seva Sahayog .
   Sampada Kulkarni
   Coordinator Tree Plantation Drive
   Seva Sahayog : 1015/4, Flat 7, Shreya Apartment, Near Swanand Hospital, Deep Bunglow Chowk, Shivajinagar, Pune – 411 016 Tel: 020 – 2565 7656/ 57

Download now or preview on posterous
Project Nurture.ppt (567 KB)