Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Google open sources VP8 codec

At "Google I/O" its annual developer conference in San Francisco, California Google had interesting announcements.
Google open sources VP8 codec and launches WebM container based on Matroska container format. For any browser to support HTML 5 video, it should support one video codec. i.e. If you want to watch video on youtube or any other video hosting website you currently use Flash plugin for your browser. But in latest HTML 5 standard, your browser started supporting video without external plugin. Apple (for Safari) & Microsfot (for IE) support H264 video codec. And various other browser vendor like Google (chrome), Opera, Mozilla support Ogg Theora video codec. As VP8's predecessor,Ogg Theora video codec are open source still Apple & Microsoft were not ready to support it. They say Ogg Theora have patent & performance problem.
Very recently Google acquired On2 Technologies for $124.6 million. Then they open source On2's VP8 codec under at royalty-free (modified BSD license) license. You can find WebM container's SDK  & code. Now with VP8 & its source code as open, Ogg Theora can be improve a lot so performance is not issue. And about patent Google had taken care of all those pints in License. So you will find WebM at youtube playing all your video with help of Ogg Theora & HTML 5. Also in coming days you will find more and more Software/ Hardware companies will support VP8 & Ogg Theora.
Even we can hope one day Apple & Microsoft will support Ogg instead of H264.
Good news for Open Source & Open Web Standards.

HTML5 video options in 2010


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