Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Ubuntu 10:04 for the Beagle Board

The Ubuntu developers Oliver Grawert and Amit Kucheria have released a build of the upcoming Ubuntu release 10:04 for the Beagle Board.

The development board from Texas Instruments OMAP3530 uses a processor that has a low-power ARM core. On the small board with current typically embedded distributions are used. Now is also an Ubuntu image available, based on the Netbook-image, for the Beagle Board C4 has only 256 MB of RAM.

The developers emphasize that they have tinkered the Beagle Board-users within a short time, so it received less polish than other Ubuntu images. They see it as a first step and would like to build on for future OMAP images.

ARM adventurous enthusiasts will find images for different installation methods on the wiki page of the Beagle Board Ubuntu.


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